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Unfunded sessions: £22.50

Unfunded sessions are where your child is under three years old or otherwise not eligible for Early Years funding. Children are only eligible for funding in the term after they turn three.

Funded sessions: £8.15

Funded sessions are where your child is over three years old and eligible for Early Years funding.  It also applies to children under three who are eligible for 'I am 2' funding.

Breakfast club: £8.15

Breakfast club runs from 08:15 to 09:15 every day. We provide a choice of breakfast and drink for your child (taking into account any allergies or intolerances they may have). You cannot use your government funding entitlement to cover this cost.

Lunch club: £6.00

Lunch club runs from 12:30 to 13:15 every day. Please provide your child's lunch in a named lunchbox. You cannot use your government funding entitlement to cover this cost.

We are able to offer funded free time for eligible children from the age of 3, but this does not cover the full cost of the session.



We charge £8.15 for your child to attend the whole session. This applies to both morning and afternoon sessions.





  • Bluntly, we rely on the additional fee to remain open.  For 2022-2023, Bromley Early Years increased the rate we are paid by 0.98% to just over £5 per hour. Our rent, insurance, DBS security checks and equipment purchases cost more every year even though our income remains static. We are only able to remain open because of the additional fee. 



  • The additional fee enables your child to remain in the group for the whole session.  Bromley Early Years pay us for three hours only, despite our sessions lasting 3.25 hours.  Leaving the session early means your child loses out on group activities such as singing and story telling.  We also have to dedicate a member of staff away from the main group to wait with your child until you arrive to collect him or her.  This means we have to employ additional staff to remain with the main group to maintain the legal ratio of staff to children, something we can only do with the money paid by the additional fee.



  • We are not affiliated with the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) and we pay a full commercial rent for our use of their facilities. Other local groups that are affiliated with churches or schools benefit from low, or no, rent for their premises.



  • We cannot provide you with access to My Montessori Child as we have to pay for the system on a per-head basis and we can only do this with funds from the additional fee.  This means you will not have access to regular progress reports, photographs and observations on your child.



  • We are the cheapest Montessori Pre-School group in the area.  We openly display our pricing on our website.  Hardly any other Pre-School groups advertise their pricing publicly.  



  • We do not sell branded clothes or bags, and we do not specify a uniform for your children.

We welcome all children into our group, but ask that you pay the additional fee.  At £8.15, it works out to £2.51 an hour which we believe is superb value for money and enables us to provide outstanding care for your child.


Invoices are issued monthly in advance.


Fees are payable on receipt of invoice.  Fees cannot be refunded even in the case of absence, and one term's notice is required in writing if your child is to leave the group.

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