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Fledglings was established in 1991 by Brigid Mahony.


The group is registered for 32 children and has eight sessions each week, from 9.15 to 12.30 every weekday, and three afternoon sessions Monday - Wednesday running from 12.30 to 15.45.  Our terms generally correspond to those of the local schools.  We are able to offer the children outdoor play and activity at all times.  Places for children under three years of age are limited to one per member of staff.  At present we are able to accommodate only five children under the age of three per morning.


The day is organised so that the children learn a sense of order and routine.  There are times of organised activity and free play.  The children learn to cooperate with their peers.  They also learn to be independent, e.g. putting on their own coats and going to the toilet themselves when they are able to.


Since the group was formed, we have had children with special needs of various sorts.  We appreciate the concerns of parents who have such children and have worked closely with them and outside agencies to ensure that any child with special needs receives the chance to develop as fully as possible with us.


Through the use of appropriate materials and resources, the children are given an introduction to the broad range of races, cultures and faiths that now make up our society

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