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Back in January 2014 we were one of the first groups in the UK to use the 'My Montessori Child' system to record the progress of our children.  Login details are provided to the parents and carers of our children once they have started with us.

The 'My Montessori Child' system is a cloud-based, observational system that records all relevant aspects of your child's academic and personal progress.


The system is operated by our teachers using iPads and it includes photographs and written descriptions of your child's progress at the time it happens, as well as providing next steps planning and progress against those plans. It enables us to see immediately whether children need more help to meet their age-expected outcomes so that we can ensure that we focus on the areas where they need extra support and development.


It has been written to complement the Montessori system completely, so all activities, plans and observations are relevant to the Montessori method.


It has replaced paper-based records and reports, meaning our teachers can spend more time focused on the needs of our children.


The system is completely secure and has both password and pin access for staff members.  Parental access is by way of username and password, and you will only ever see your child's observations.


Our use of this system is governed by our "iPad and Mobile Phone Policy".


Further information on the system can be found at:


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